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Christmas tree


Where and how it began:


‘Trees of Light’ has developed over a period of time.  While living abroad for a number of years,I made illuminated objects from smooth cardboard. One of the objects was a “Christmas Tree”. It is a 3’ high object. (see photo)


On returning to the U.S., the product evolved to using imported handmade paper, making them by hand in varying sizes, and then painting them.


The paper appears textured, as it is embossed with form of the leaf it is made from. It looks similar to illuminated green malachite (if it is a green tree) or colored alabaster (when the tree is yellow, gold, silver, blue, etc.) in appearance when the LED is turned on.








The sizes of these trees are from left to right: 10” high at $15, 13.5” high at $20, and 7” high at $10. Each tree comes with a wooden base and the LED or LEDs as the size demands. The 7” comes with a one-light LED. The 10” comes with a three-light LED, and the 13.5” comes with 2 three-light LEDs.

Pictured above: 3 sizes in white, with bases in foreground and all 7” high trees in the background.


Store buttons (16 in total):

Trees are Small (7”), Medium (10”) and Large (13.5”) in height and are available in the following combinations with the colored LED light:


White tree with white LED
Silver tree with white LED
Gold tree with amber LED
Yellow tree with amber LED
Orange tree with orange LED
Red tree with red LED
Pink tree with pink LED
Pink tree with white LED
Purple tree with purple LED
Dark Blue tree with blue LED
Light Blue tree with white LED
Light Blue tree with blue LED
Light Green tree with green LED
Grass Green tree with green LED
Sea Foam (teal) tree with teal LED
Dark Green tree with green LED



(this website is under construction)



For information on special orders please contact me at or call 860-857-5223.
To see my latest creations follow my Trees of Light facebook page.




Pictured above from left to right:

white w/white LED
yellow w/amber LED
gold w/amber LED
orange w/orange LED
pink w/pink LED
light blue w/blue LED
dark blue w/blue LED
red w/red LED
purple w/purple LED
light green w/green LED
teal w/teal LED
dark green w/green LED